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About Us


Hey beautiful! I'm Michelle, owner of The Inspired Dragonfly Boutique. Welcome and come on in! 

As a plus-size girl who lost 160 pounds, I wanted to help girls of all shapes and sizes find great fashion at amazing prices, and create a community where they could feel safe to be themselves.

And so, with the help of my incredible husband, Audie, The Inspired Dragonfly was born. We started out selling jewelry, clothing, handbags, and other accessories, working from our small two-bedroom apartment. 

And although we loved the products we were selling, we felt like something was missing. Six months into our journey, we added crystals to our range, and we haven't looked back!

Today I'm proud to tell you that we recently outgrew our 1900sqft storefront!

None of this would have been remotely possible without Audie. He left his full-time career to work alongside me and help make my dream a full-fledged reality. He also creates all our custom wrapped jewelry - one of our best-sellers!

The lives we touch week after week, the messages about our customers finding healing and peace tells me we made the right choice. 

As much as we love dressing you (and we do!), and helping you look amazing on the outside - our passion also includes helping you feel beautiful on the inside!

We are more than a boutique. We are the #dragonflytribe and it's an amazing community to be part of!

If you haven’t joined us on a FB Live yet, or become part of our VIP Group, I would strongly encourage you to think about it. Even if you are unsure about crystals, we are here to help you learn. And the best part of our shows and group are truly the people who join us week after week! 

Thanks so much for stopping by to learn more about us. Enjoy your shopping today!